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Friday, October 1, 2010

"is that Su?"

"jangan kutuk orang kat blog, su, tak manis..."

buat ape la nak jadi manis kat blog kan?
haish. lawak la..
well, you dont know what i been through.
you dont know about her.
so, just gimme some space to let out my anger, ayte?
muchas gracias ^^

so yes, i have this moodswing gets on me quite oftenly this time.
especially at night.
macam tak boleh nak cakap dengan sapesape lansung la kan.
keje asyik nak marah jee.
memang moody macam makcik.
lepas tu, bangun tengahtengah malam and makan.
macam mane tak gemuk.

assignments makin banyak sejak akhirakhir ni.
memang tak dapat le nak berfikir terlampau panjang ketika menulis blog.
but then, i have some friends that have been talking to me.
expressing their feelings, some is annoyed, some is missing someone, and some is just not so in a good situation.
dear friends,
i believe in karma.
and believe me, it does do us good.
so, if you think you're down,
just think forward, they maybe will feel the same way you felt now,
the maybe will find themselves hurt as you are right now.
think backward.
maybe YOU have hurt someone before
and it is time for you to feel the same way what you have make them feel before.
its a similar feeling.
it is just how you get through it that makes is different.
sabar je laa.
and believe in karma.
sesungguhnya, what comes around goes around.

and i am happy.


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