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Monday, August 16, 2010


hellohello ^^ goodmorning, loyal readers :)
there's not much to type on today.
but i still wanna post something. ^^

lets talk about the past, shall we?

i have experiences that *haha* SE-TUH-PID.
no joke.
sometimes, when i turn back behind, i dont know why, but,
you know that feeling?

well, it is somehow embarassing, but then, it is an experience that tought me to grow up.
i still remember back then, when i was overshadowed by you,
seeking for happiness in such sorrow, i have actually learn to hate.
funny, huh?
because the person now is my bestfriend.

and so for you...
well, i was lost,
i was devastated,
i was saviourly broken,
but those days has gone, you know.
i somehow, woke up from the bad dream and live a perfectly FINE normal life.

you still remember how you got me feel?
well, yes.
i will NEVER forget till the day i die.


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