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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

HERstory :)

sometimes she threw something that she thinks is not important.
but she din realize she might need it for the time to come.

sometimes she said she didn't care.
but she cant escape the fact that she dont wanna miss a single details.

sometimes she wants the story to end,
but she was the one who dragged it all along.

sometimes she feels sorry,
but then she's tired of being sorry.

sometimes she want to stay out of everything,
but she dont want anymore mistakes out of stupidity .

sometimes she feel like she wanna cry,
but she's too happy to do so.

sometimes she's swore that it will never happen again,
but she's not aware about the possibilities.
sometimes she told herself that there is no fairytale,
but she's hoping for one, in silence.

sometimes she dances in the rain,
when she's sure that no one is watching.

sometimes she hums her favourite songs,
when she feels happy and free.

sometimes she gone crazy with friends,
because she have amazing friends that she could give up her life to.

sometimes she choose to sleep her teddy bear,
when she couldn't make up her mind on any other choises.
sometimes she said she dont need your attention,
but she's dying for it inside.
sometimes she appologize,
asking for a second chance.

sometimes she said she's alone
when she's with a person that loves her too much.

sometimes she feel happy,
when she saw you smiling away.

sometimes she thinks that you dont care,
but she might realize that its a mistake later.

sometimes she wants to hold your hand,
but she's afraid of devastation.

sometimes she wants to smile,
when she saw everyone else is having a good time :)

sometimes she wants to pluck the pretty flower across the field for you,
but she wants to keep it casual.

sometimes she makes you think she didn't care,
when the fact is you were the one that are not aware of the stupid lil things.

sometimes she commits an idiot mistake,
but then she smiles away with it when she realize that everybody do so.
sometimes she thought that she's going to keep on drowning,
until she found you.

sometimes she hear the one particular song over and over again for the whole day,
and realize how much the song reminds her of you :)

sometimes when she smiles,
she wish she could make you smile as well.
sometimes when she feel strong,
not realizing how fragile she is inside.

sometimes she declare statements that are not true,
and you believe it straight away.
sometimes when she's asleep,
she wish that she will never awake.
but then, she realize.
there is so much more out there to explore,
so much more beautiful songs to hum,
so much more spectacular scenery to view,
so much more amazing people to meet,
and so much more of much more...
and from now on,
she decided to go tru her ecstatic life,
with her pretty little smile


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