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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

if you say fairytale exist....

can you give me one? XD

i believed in fairytale.
i did hope for a fairytale love story.
i did hoping for a fairytale ending.
i'm a girl.
every girl does that.
atleast when we was a lil kid.
atleast in silence.

but i have stopped.
i have stop hoping for a fairytale.
and i have stop believing that it does exist.
because life is just too complicated to have such fairytale.
too many pain. 
too many heartbreak.
and there is no such thing as happily ever after...
because, something, somehow will hurt.
and we cant find a way back.
nothing is perfect.
and fairytale is a PERFECT story.
so i quit fairytale.
eventhough i love them to exist.
atleast in my life.

but i still HEART swift's song.
if it does exist.
i do wanna live in it.
atleast for a day.
like what taylor said. :)

thanks anyway.
it have been quite a while since a guy make me laugh. :)
excluding my brothers  -__-
you know who you are. :))


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