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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

hello you people with wonderful smiles :)

it have been a while since i come out with a post.
i wanted to blog so much tho, but  lot of it end up in drafts. please do not ask why.
i'm not pretty sure myself either.
there is so much to blog about, actually.
it have been a long week, but i don't feel like talking about anything that happened throughout the week.

so as you all know that i have started my new semester, let me tell you about the life as a PART 3 MASSCOMM STUDENT so far.
well, nothing have change much.
i met new people and some old friends here are finding their way out of my life.
there was already a few dramas at the beginning of the semester but we get through it well.
there is one person that have been such pain to us,
and i still don't understand why am i still talking to her - why ANYONE is talking to her, actually.
guess we are just being nice.
but for me, personally, SHE DON'T WORTH TO BE NICE WITH.
she turns everyone's world upside down - well, not in a good way. -.-

well, despite this little drama, i really wanted my life in Lendu to be better this time.
i want to be nice to everybody.
i want to feel good about myself, to feel safe with my dear friends here.
i have not being racist or anything close to that.
i don't choose my friends based on materials, or education level or by where they are from.
i be friends with them who are nice to be friends with.
i choose my friends that way, yes.
it doesn't matter if you are from the poor, from any place around the world or if you have gotten your Dean's List for your last semester's result or whatnot, if you are nice to me, i am always very keen to appreciate that.
now that is me.

Alhamdulillah, i have been surrounded by a bunch of nice people here in Lendu.
the trust-able human beings that are very pleased to be with.
i have been missing the old days with my old friends too, tho.
they can make me laugh and go crazy like no one could.
well then, everybody have their own lives now.
we are always too busy to check on each other.
sometimes i wanted to call but at times i just thought they'd be busy.
but i know they are doing okay.
and there will be one day when we will catch up with each other again.

i want to work hard for this semester which after all, will not be so easy.
well, last semester's syllabus were not that easy either.
i just have to keep the hard work.
or work harder.
i will try my very best to avoid distraction and pressure and stress and the tense.
i will try to have a comfortable environment for studying and learning and doing assignments.

so you beautiful people, 
you be good. 
i know life is not that easy for you too. 
well, life have been throwing terrible things to everybody, isn't that right?
so just take a step back and breathe at some point.
have the time for yourself. 
and remember one thing,
there is someone out there that love you. 
perhaps more than you could ever imagine.
it is whether you realize or not, 
or it is either for you to choose to believe or not to believe. 
everything is there for you.
all you have to do is open your eyes and mind and heart, 
and you will realize that 
the only thing/person that have been in the middle of your way is,


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