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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pursuit My Happiness

i dont wanna lie.
i do have stuff that bring me to a point where i could even drop my tears.
well, whatthehell, everyone does.
but i guess its time for me to stop dragging my sadness, dont you think?
it is my bloody turn to be happy.
so, please.
i do love you but your sarcastic words are just way too much.
well just, maybe, JUST MAYBE, you are just as stupid as her.
whatever it is, of course, i still love you.
but since you asked for it, okay, i will never get involve in your bloody-shit-emo problems anymore that seems to be ENDLESS.

talking about MY life.
i am currently studying in UiTM Alor Gajah Melaka, which is for me, A GREAT PLACE.
i still have my ke-AWESOME-ted friends that i can always rely on,
special thanks to 
Ainur Syahira
Bernice Sew
 Christine John
Khairi Abdullah
sayang kamu semua.
i have great roommates and cool classmates.
i have a lot of wonderful people that love to smile around here in Lendu.
i have that extremely cute cat and kittens at my hostel that i dont mind sharing my food with :)
i have great lecturers that mostly dont mind sharing stories about life.
i had great time here in Lendu even when i spend it with sleeping or walking down the empty lane.
i have such wonderful person in my life that loves me with all his heart.

thanks for helping me putting the broken pieces together.
thanks for being a part of my life. 
thanks for giving me such love.


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