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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

saya rindu ma :')

i miss watching our favourite movie together,
and i will put my head on her lap,
and she will be caressing my hair.

i miss cooking with her,
and at the time, we will be gossiping,
talking about the things that could make us laugh.
talking about things that only both of us know and understand.

i miss fighting with her,
over the little things,
sometimes on who is more goodlooking, Mr.EdwardCullen or Mr.JacobBlack.
sometimes about colours.
sometimes about song lyrics.

i miss sneaking in her room at night,
and sleep beside her.
just to feel her warmth,
and missing her hugs.

i miss talking to her.
just about anything
since now, i hate talking to the phone, due to the horrible line connection in melaka,
i misses her more.

no offence eh, everyone,
but now, i SERIOUSLY misses her.
especially when i cant do what we ALWAYS use to do at the first of puase.
i am growing up.
i have to make her proud.
whatever i do,
i'll do it for you.



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