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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Back ♥

Life is unexpectedly beautiful. Sometimes it is unexpectedly too good to be true.
I always believe that the end of something always means a beginning of something else. And I believe that everything happens for a reason. - We live, we grow up, we make mistakes and then we live with it. And it is up to us to smile and laugh about the mistakes and not to repeat it, or just frown yourself up and keep hoping that you can go back to the past and change things.
guess what, fellas.
you cant.
you cant just go back to the past and change things, it doesn't work that way.
A mistake is a mistake, it will always remain as a mistake. It would still makes us feel a bit stupid at times. and what broke the heart, the ache is still there somehow - doesn't matter how you forgives and try to sooth it away, it will always be there.

Hi everyone. I am yet to tell you another story.
well, a part of me has just gone.
let's see what's left of me :)

by the way,
How are you, beautiful people? :)


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