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Monday, September 26, 2011

Inspiration and Love

hi bloggie.
I am supposed to be sleeping though, I just had 3hours sleep last night. 
but I think its because of the Redbull I drank yesterday night, saya tak boleh tidur dah sekarang.
minum semalam tapi harini baru tak boleh tidur -.-
i dont want to talk about the exam tadi la. 
redha sajoo.
anyhoww, how are you dear bloggie. hihi. 
i know i have been filling you with lovewords lately... i hope you like it. :D
love is in the air, eh?
haha, i will tell you about him one day. 
if i tell you now nanti i miss him too much nanti habislah i. haha. 
but dont worry, bloggie, you are still very dear to me. 

i have another week to survive here in Melaka.
i will be filling that awesome Fast Track form and make my awesome way to Degree next year. 
i want that Fast Track so much, faham tak?
if i really dapat la pergi Fast Track, i would have like 5months break, then it would so awesomeeeee. 

i have to score this sem's exams too. 
i rasa i did not do so good though this sem. 
carry marks are getting lower, i haven't been studying very hard too. 
but i am still trying hard, pray for the best and hope to make it la. 
lets promise to myself to struggle as hard as previous semesters, okay?
i want to leave Lendu for good. 
for real. 
and never to come here again. 
i want to say goodbye to everyone here in Lendu. 
but here, perhaps, is not where i belong. 
or perhaps, i belong to nowhere pun. 
even home doesn't feel very much like home anymore. 

it takes more than that to bring me down, got that prettybitches?

oh and you, 
well i know you might not read my blogposts anymore buuut, 
wait for me, okay? I'll be there. 
because by having you by my side, everything else in the world is alright.
so i want to be there with you again so that i can come back to believing that..
that everything is going to be okay. 
iloveyou iloveyou iloveyou. 


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