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Saturday, April 9, 2011

who cares, baby, i think i wanna marry you :D

my post title up here is from the song 

oh yes, it is a nice pretty song and sung beautifully by the good looking him.
but i personally think that the song is kinna stupid.
come on, marriage is not something dumb to do.
you cant just come up and say,
"i think i wanna marry you"
macam ape je -.-

oh well, the song still sound pretty good tho, no matter how stupid i think the lyrics is.

anyhoww. i am bored. alone in the room because two of my roomies have gone home.
and the other went out with my jiran.
i am stuck intheroom trying to straighten things out. 
i have activated my facebook back. :D
oh yes, you can just click at my facebook batch at the side of the page, it will lead you straight to my profile.
oh and if i dont seem to know you and you would like to add me up, you just send me a message first.
because i dont um accept request from random people.

i know facebook can be really hurtful sometimes,
but it somehow helped me taking my blindfold off.
i should thank the whole lot to facebook.
i think, if it is not for facebook, i would be dumbly believing that asshole still.

congratulations for that.

anyways, no more emo posts from me.
atleast not in this short term.
i am learning to be strong and 
and nobody worth my tears anymore.
there is nothing wrong with me or my life.
it is just not the time for me yet.
just not yet.

if you're okay with me not wanting you in my life.
that just means that you want exactly the same.
and yes, i dont want you in my life anymore.
thankyou for finding your way out of my life.
thanks a whole lot.

 i just put this video up because i have been hearing this song all day and also while im writing this post. i just thought i should give this song an honor for helping me relieving the pain. :)


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