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Sunday, April 17, 2011

tentang seseorang atau dua orang,

awak, lain kali kalau awak macam tak nak text saya ke apa,  cakap ajela.
tak payah nak tibatiba buat alasan tak ada mood la bagai.
macam saya kisah sangat pulak kalau awak tak nak text saya ke apa.

nampak tak ada orang tengah emo sekarang. NAMPAK TAK? hahaha. i bet he/she tak ada la emo sangat. cuma kadangkadang bengang dengan orang yang self-centered ni, tau tak self-centered tu ape? itu namanya PENTINGKAN DIRI SENDIRI, ye rakanrakan.

jadi, topik kita harini ialah, SELF-CENTERED PEOPLE, atau ORANG YANG MEMENTINGKAN DIRINYA SENDIRI. *tetibe kan.

well, i know, at some point, at alot of points actually, we have to consider ourselves up. i have one great person once said to me. before you love anyone else, learn to love yourself with your fully heart first, so that you wont put this person to your priority and do something not fair to yourself if you, perhaps, reach at that point where you are going to lose him/her. that is where you have to be selfish. LOVE YOURSELF FIRST. because you are worth to be treated well by yourself too. maybe when nobody else actually cares, that is what your heart and body and soul needed you the most. be strong for yourself. sometimes, noone else actually even care about you. NO ONE. so be selfish and love yourself more.

i have been surrounded by self-centered people lately. the kind of people that tend to do something that could hurt someone either deeply or just a scratch or just bring up the total anger of someone else, and yet, expecting others to understand them instead of having them thinking what other people might think or feel. sometimes, yes, we make mistakes, we tend to do something that seems so selfish but then you not completely realize that you are hurting someone. well then, when you realize your mistake, please dont be so egoistic and wait for them to came up to you and beg to your knees for your attention and forgiveness.

because baby, it wont happen.

so this kind of selfishness is not tolerable. especially when it comes together with a little something called EGO. oh yes, everyone have a little bit of that one (ego) but the capacity of it in individuals that make it different.

at some cases, ada je rasa macam nak campak kerusi and see you DIE.

okay tak lah. i'm not that mean.

you know what, sometimes i wish.. i wish i will fall in love with someone that have had his heart broken before. so that he will understand the pain and will not tend to broke mine. and at a lot of times, i wish that those people that had once make me feel like .... will someday feel what i felt. it is all about karma. you get what you give.

hey beautiful people,
if you are hurt, if you feel the constant pain,
please just remember that you are not alone.
and just be grateful that it is better to be hurt than to not feel anything at all.


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