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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

imperfection is beauty, baby.

sometimes, we woke up and we feel good about ourselves.
and everything seems to be alright.
but then again, when you look back and realize that nothing actually turn out the way you want them to be.
because you dont always get what you want.
you get what you need.

of course, it is not easy to go through hard times.
i know.
been there, a lot of times.
but then again, at times, you just have to do something for yourself.
despite making others feel good, make yourself feel good.
especially when no one seems to be there and make you feel okay.
be there for yourself.
you are important too.

sometimes it does feel good to say stuff that more or less leave a scratch on the person's heart.
but you know, the feeling of satisfaction wont last.
because by making someone else hurt,
it wont make yourself feel better.
so why bother?
why dont you just pamper yourself and stop giving a shit about anybody else.
at least, just for a while.

and honestly speaking, again,
i am tired of trying to please everyone else.
i am tired to be careful with what everyone else might think or feel,
because they hardly even be considerate and think about what I might feel or think.
i just want to be there for myself.
i just want to give myself  a break from all the self-centered people out there.

it feels like it have been quite a while since i feel happy.
i guess i am just too busy hiding what i feel until i forgot how to be happy again.
is that bad?


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