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Monday, January 3, 2011

here's a proper post for you.

thank you for lighting up a few months of my life. even though we din work out but i still do appreciate the existence of you in my life. :) i sure did not blame you for anything that happened between us. i sure did not blame myself for not want to hold on either. you are just not the one i thought you would be. i am sure make some mistakes here and there. i most probably have left some scratches in your heart. but believe me, you probably have no freaking idea what i have been through. how hard i was working on this relationship and how much i have to bare on things you did that somehow somewhere, i don't expect you to do. i am sorry if i done something wrong. i sure have. i am sorry for confessing that i don't love you and be too honest already. i am sorry that i could not hold on long enough to make the relationship work out. back then, i do want to. i was learning to love you and be happy and you know, learning to hold on. and this post right here tidaklah bertujuan untuk menyakitkan hati you lagi. i know by now, you might be taking me as a bitch or anything. i don't pretty much care anymore. there was back then when i am so glad that you found me. but now, my friends convince me that i deserve something better. i owe you an apology and here to tell you that i don't mind being friends. but of course, if you choose to ignore me and kick me the hell out of your life, i am perfectly fine with that too. be happy :) there's no need to be so broken down by a 2months old relationship. there's no need to say that you are severely broken by a girl you know only for a couple of months. but you have proven to me something. you might not realize. because all this while, it was always just me that notice these little things. terima kasih. and sorry. 

p/s : and so for everyone that is reading this, i am back single. so now that you know, please dont ask me anything straight to my face anymore. it annoys me.



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