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Saturday, November 6, 2010

that is not my story tell

back then when i was a little, when every problem can be solve by ice-cream and chocolates, i glares at the people that seems to be "allergic" to ice-cream and chocolates.
and everyone have to just agree about what i think.
and when they dont.
it gets to my nerves.

sounds familiar?
well, yes, that is the typical me now, you can say.
i notice that sometimes.
but i seems to not give a damn about it.
but i guess its time to make some changes in life, dont you think?
sorry about that.
sorry about my awful flaws.

i caught on a fever.
just a light fever, but it still could bring me down, tho.
now is 1.03am and i am blogging and hearing
The Only Exception fron Sam Tsui.
this guy can sing beautifully, no joke.
you should go watch.
back about my slight fever...
its deepavali and i slept the whole day today.
not really the whole day but, yea, you can say.
i still have not done unpacking stuff.
one more luggage to go.
the final one, i promise, :P
i should be studying since my finals have not ended.
one more paper to go and it is not so an easy paper and i am not that smart.
so i have to start studying.
and i miss you.
do well iin exams, yah?


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