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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

my imperfection.

i know i am not pretty much of a good friend.
everyone is somehow never good enough for us.
then, pardon me if for being imperfect.
it is somehow quite confusing when it comes to situation when you have no freaking idea what to do.
back then, when i use to talk too much ppl tend to get annoyed.
when i choose to not to talk that much, they somehow have problem with it too.

i accept the fact that i am not perfect.
i accept the fact that nobody in the world is.
i am aware that i am not always there for my friends when they really need someone.
i am aware that sometimes i have to handle things on my own.
but as ainur said...
when your friend couldn't be there all the time for you,
believe in yourself and you will do great on your own.
because people always said that , i'll be there for you.
but believe it or not, they dont.
for some unfortunate day, you wake up and thought that you always have them, but the first thing you realize is that you have to handle things on your own.
and with that, we grow up and be stronger and learn more about things in life. 

so dont be too upset when sometimes you feel that they are not there for you. because, without realizing, you actually not always be there for them too. :)

but i will always try my best to be the best friend to you;
to always be there for you.
sorry for my imperfections.


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