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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


talking about rain, it have been raining quite regularly here in Lendu. it rains like everyday.
talking about, Dancing In The Rain, I HAVE ACTUALLY DID IT! haha!
percaya tak? percaya tak?
haritu masa koko, hujan tersangatlah lebat. haha. memang basahla kaan. memang terasa macam nak lompatlompat kot kat tengahtengah tu kan. haha! XD
alkisahnya, macam ni...
mulamula memang tak ada niat pun pergi ke koko hari tu. sebab nak menghafal speech. tapi kesian pulak kat Nasha yang berusaha memujuk saya untuk pergi sebab die tak nak pergi sensorang. hee. tengok, saya sangat baik, kaaan?
so yea.
no joke, it does feel good, being in the rain.
never been that happy before.
there was once when i always want to have my very first kiss in the rain.
but it was back then la, masa budakbudak.
now, i am more mature to understand that there is not much of a fairytale in this world.
so it is like so not gonna happen to me.
especially when i always suck in relationship.
well, that sentence sounds wrong, because i have only been in a relationship once. -_-"
yaAllah, naifnye kau, suhaida~ XD

talking about relatioships...
haish. i dont know why i dont like talking about it.
i dont know why i hate it when it comes to this.
especially when i saw frens here and there being in so immature relationship.
i want a relationship that more than just being boyfriend and girlfriend.
i want him to be more like my bestfriend.
i want him to know me, and accept my flaws,
stand my craziness,
enough said.
not so in 'LOVE' mood to proceed.
i hope you understand.


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