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Sunday, July 11, 2010


if i say i never did care?
if i turn my head away when i saw you?
if i said something so heartbreaking, and i mean it?
if i actually am a bitch.?
if i cried in front of you?

if you see me with a lot of anger?

if you saw me transforming into someone else?

if i forget u completely?

if i am a completely different person?

if i never did bother to ask how,
or why?

if i forgets everything i left behind?

if i said i dont need you no more?

if i say i have found someone else?

if i say i have found the perfect world for me?

if i lost,
and never had a chance to be found?

if today will be the last day u saw me smiling to you?

what will you do,
if you have someone,
and she/he just walk away?

what will you do?

what will you say?


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