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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


aah. i'm counting days to leave KUMON.
hard to let go, but i would left with no other choices.
today was nothing but ANOTHER FUN DAY IN KUMON.
less tiring, since i'm so getting use to it.
less headache, since everything is under control already.
more fun since i have all my favourite students with me today.
well, i dont mean FAVOURITE.
i mean, students i already use to be with. :))

there's nothing left to say,
but just to smile along the whole day.
cant believe i would love my first job this much :))

and for you.
yes, sometimes i do think that giving my number to you is a mistake.
because instead of bringing u closer, 
i felt that we were futher apart.
no laa.
bz with exams kan you?
i understand :))
goodluck, btw.


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